bun bun ☺

Hey guys I just wanna tell you something. I dunno what I have to do -,-

oke to the point aja yaa, my friend, called him "bun bun" has shooted me. I've shocked to hear. Ga nyangka gelaaaaa!!!! He has shooted me on october 10th, 2011. The day before, he asked me "hari ini tanggalnya bagus yaa""iyaa sih, tapi menurut gue biasa aja ah hahaha""gue yakin pasti bakal jadi TT hari ini""hahaha mungkin"*yaa seinget gue gitu* and I hadn't thought that he'd ask me something.

Bun bun asked me "could you gonna be my ....." Then he hadn't continued his words and he asked me to keep my answer till now. But if I had to answer that day, I might ignore him cause I need process, I need to thinking of it. And now, I'm still confuse with my answer. Should I accept him but I have to consistent with my words. "I'm still single till I have done my senior high school and try to looking for the other who dunno anything 'bout me before and seriously to be mine in university"

Yaah bun bun, I apologize if make you disappointed on me. I'm thruly sorry bun bun. If you were me, would you do the same like me? I think of course. But we could be best friend ever right? And I'll try to talk to you, hope you understand. Don't make a changes! ☺

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