dear soulmate :)

Hey all, I’m just tell you something. I’ve broken with my boy friend at 211110 and i don’t know what I feel that time. I’m just thinking about I’m free now and I’m happy. I can do anything without someone’s rules. I can laugh very very loud. I can do the craziest thing with my soulmate and anything  By the way, I’ve not told you about my soulmate , right? Let me tell you.

He’s my best teacher in my mind. I close with him when we followed LDKS at Gunung Bunder 2 months ago. he came to me when I was alone. I remember that. I was sit in a balcony. I just read my novel. Then he came to me. He is very nice. He is a good listener. I’m so happy and I’m not fear if I have to tell anything to him. Your secret always safe with him! I’m very relieved that time.

Finally, we have to go home. And I’m so happy but also I’m sad. Don’t know why. I’m just feeling something different at home. Everything is easier than before. On Monday morn, I feel I wanna tell something to him at school. I met him then we went to his room. We shared anything. And that is going to be our habit till now. Now, he is MY BEST SOULMATE I’VE EVER HAD! ♥

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