Dear god :)

4. Tuhan gue paling baik sedunia!

Gue punya Tuhan, baik baik baiiiiiiik banget. Allah SWT namanya. Dia udah ngasih apa yang gue pengen dengan cara tak terduga deh. Dia baik banget sama gue. disaat gue udah gatau harus gimana, udah pasrah gitu, Dia nyelametin gue dengan caraNya. Dia udah bikin gue tenang.

yaAllah, i love you sooooo much much much much! You're the best! You're my everything (hope forever). You help me when i need it. You give me everything that i want with Your way.

Now, everything's gonna be better. You cleared my problem. But, i can't do everything except pray to You. Thanks for everything my God, You're the best that i've ever had! me love You so much! :)

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