Sometimes, I have a wish. Or it could call an impossible wish for me. Why? Because it couldn't becoming true on the fast time if you thought with your logic. Such as, I wanna be the 3rd in the class and I wanna my name is called into the field after ceremony. Actually, my middle 2nd semester exam is down. I dunno why I believe that I can be the 3rd into the class. In a fact, I gonna be 3rd in the 2nd semester. My name is called into the field after ceremony. But I wasn't coming at that time. My grandmother's sister died.

So, there's nothing that we can't. If you believe that you can do something, it would becoming true. I hope so do I. I wish I could close with him and he gonna be mine on my 17th. Maybe that's impossible, but if you believe, who knows? And 1 more thing! I believe that I could be ITB's student on 2012! Amin amin amin. Wish us luck (‾ʃƪ‾)

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