i miss you...

I miss you...
Maybe it just a simple words
but i think, it has a deep meaning.
Why? because i miss someone now.

Someone always makes me happy.
Someone who laugh together with me.
Someone who has muuuuuuuuch story that *** tell.
Someone who always beside me when i need ***
someone that make me angry sometimes.
Someone that make me cry -,-
someone which always has a joke.
Someone who help clearing my problem.
Someone that teach me about everything.

The craziest someone that i love.
I dunno why but i really love *** as my soulmate.
As my greatest friend.
As my 'tukang urut ' maybe LOL *ooooopsss sorry*
As my greatest love of all (like whitney houston)
As special someone in my life

i miss you...
I miss your laugh
i miss your story
i miss your big hug
i miss your 'pijetan' (maybe) *wokwokwok*
I miss your...
I dunno, i think you know that i mean.

Hope you feel what i feel too.
Hope after we meet, we could laugh together as usual
hope you have a new story that you tell *cause i have much story too for you*
Hope i could do my revenge -,-
hope everything's gonna be okay (?)

Okay thats my 'unek unek' about you. I miss you sooooo much much much. If i meet you, i wanna hug you for sooooooooooo long! See you next month my soulmate(s) i cannot wait to meet you ;) *hope so you do* have a great holiday for you

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