Hello guys, I just wanna tell you about my soulmates I've ever had.

1. He is my protector
Why I called him like that, because he is like my guardian angel *like red jumpsuit apparatus -,-* he always remind me everything what's the worst thing for me. He promise that he'll keep me till I could stand up by my self. And I'll miss him when I go.
2. We are the best friend till the end!

I call them cihuy and ndut. They are my best soulmates when I was student in 1pamulang JHS. We are friends in PMR. We are crazy. We are always together *at past* and now, we are still friends of course. Sometimes we go to the movie together. We are gethering in my home. But now, I always miss them cause we are seldom to meet.



3. Part of 9.3 crew
And also I miss nine trees crew at this time. I miss when that girl hate me hohoho when I closed with the boys and played with them. And I still closed with bebey, eureka and kaku. We are still conference in a call. We are still go to movie together. And also played in my home hohoho. Miss you guys!

Bey, Emir, Janu

4. #sciv
It's my 2nd and 3rd grade class. We aren't separated. we are sooooo close. We are opened each other. But I dunno why I feel like different now. Or maybe it just my feel. Hope we still close, my beloved class!

5. Kecebong in PROTEKS I Super Einstein Collage
This is a new group hoho kecebongers is PROTEKS I class. We are open each other and we are "KOMPAK" hoho *big hug for PROTEKS I

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