hoho i've got korean fever. I was like korea lately. Since I saw super junior, I'm in love with siwon for the first time. Then I saw kyuhyun because of my friends suggest. after I saw super junior's reality show, I'm in love all of them especially for yesung :p I love his voice. He's nice rocker I think. Success and everlasting for super junior, Happy 6th anniversary (last month)!!! I'm waiting for your complete member in Indonesia (again), especially in Jakarta :D

not only super junior, i also like boyfriend and b1a4. new boyband that make me in love. i love their concept. their age is same as me. they were so young and talented. i wanna see all of them so badly as i wanna see super junior of course.

oh guys, i'm waiting you so badly in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta of course. hope you get my post and come here. i'm still waiting for you guys^_^

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