Ryeowook oppa!!!~ Eunhyuk oppa!!!~

yup! they're a part of my favorite korean boyband. YES! Super Juni-OR!~ xoxoxo i've used my heello account then i tried to find them. and then i found the maknae (kyuhyun), the old (eeteuk), the leader vocal (ryeowook)the cuteness(sungmin), the rocker voice (yesung), the handsome (siwon), the dance breaker (eunhyuk), and the other handsome (donghae) ^^ I was happy when i found their account.

in that time, i saw that ryeowook was online in that time. i try to mention him. suddenly, when i refreshed the page, there's my account on his page. is that right???? i tried to open my eyes then i checked my replies. and theeeeeeen.........

1st mention
2nd mention

the last before he offline :3

after that, i tried to mention kyuhyun, donghae and eunhyuk. i think they're really offline, so i just have a wish. but suddenly when i refreshed my page before offline....

yes! mention from eunhyuk!!!! i'm really shocked and.... i can;t talk anything LOL he's online cause he wanna tease donghae. hmmm i dunno what am i dreaming at last night and what will i dream tonight. hope tomorrow be better and got mention from kyuhyun donghae and yesung!!!

pamer dikit, last replies :p

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