my inspiration

sebenernya ini post udah menjamur di hp gue semenjak pembagian rapot, maklum abis UN. sayang juga kalo ga di share haha cekidot

Thankyou my inspiration kakak hormon :) without you, I can't be like this. You are the best motivator ever. Because of you, I  got the 2nd rank in my class and 3rd rank of science regular class. I don't believe it. And also I got a chance of snmptn invitation. I hope I got better than you hehehe just kidding. Hope we got the best yaa kak. I remember, you said that I should have been better than my father. I could have been smarter than him. If my father is ay-ti-bi student, why I couldn't be like him. Because of that advice, I wake up and tidy my self. I have to be like him. Ofcourse I have to be better than him. If he got 3rd, I had to get 2nd or 1st. If he was in surabaya, I had to be in Bandung. You make me realize and build my future and my dreams. You feel and make my empty soul got on fire. And... You make me in love to make me better. To tidy my broken soul. To make a big changed in my life. Thank you, mr.hormone. Thank you for the inspiration, my motivator.  And thank you for realize me using love in the right way ☺ (december,2011)

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