New Best - Friendster ☺

sebenernya ini bestfriend gue udah lama sih hehehe tapi baru masuk bagian nih. tapi sekarang gue lagi bete nih sama dia. udah cekidot aja nih postingan gue tentang dia yang gue bikin waktu itu.

Hello, long time no see. I just wanna tell you about my new best. Call him *friendster* he's just like my fairy. He comes suddenly and in the right time. Yeah, when I need someone to talk, he comes. But he doesn't go when I don't tell anything to him. So I ask him to tell about everything himself. We are close now and he is a part of my best and soulmate(s). I tell everything about my life stories and I think, he is a good listener. He is my classmate. I'll do everything he want event I could be. I don't believe that I could closer with him. Does he my boyfriend? Ofcourse not! I'll be better be a bestfriend than boyfriend. I'll do everything for my bestfriends cause I'll always need them. And I have told him about relationship. I know that he'll understand me. And...... I love my soulmates :)

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